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Buy LSD Online

Buy LSD Online. LSD is a synthetic drug or chemical which is made from lysergic acid. This acid is found on the ergot fungus which grows on rye and other grains. Also, it one of the most potent mood changing substance, such that its doses are usually in microunits. Its first production was in the year 1938 and since then it has gone by a series of different names in different areas. The effect or satisfaction or mood it gets its consumers is called trip. It could be a bad or a good trip depending on how it makes you feel.

Other Names

Acid, Blotter, acid, Doses, Dots, Trips, Mellow Yellow, Window Pane, as well as names that reflect the designs on sheets of blotter paper.

How to Use

LSD is so potent that just a bit is sufficient to change moods. Some people swallow it in the form of tablet or a pellet (micro dot). Also, other prefer liquid which the drop directly onto the tongue or drop onto food or into drinks. Also, some people snort it when mixed in other powder substances while other inject it into the vein. Most consumers of LSD are already aware of the dangers. For first timers in most cases, they are introduced to the drug by someone with experience. This does not guarantee the safety of the individual though. There is no standard measurement to determine the quantity of the drug individuals take.

How it Makes You Feel

When people take it in the right quantity/dose it gives a pleasant trip. Which will generally cause you to have a distortion of environment, sound, color, images, thought, feeling of extra energy, excited, euphoric, and more.

When you take it in large quantities say overdose, you may experience the above and like being violent, aggressive, higher levels of environmental uncertainties. Some bad trips may result to confusion, panic, fright, overwhelming thoughts, and an overall mental disorder.

Click here to see some of the dangers associated with this substance.

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