About Us


Adriano123 pill shop is a highly reputable and extremely reliable business which formally existed offline for more that 10 years. It is owned by a group of individuals who for so many years have decided to trust each other and do business together.

We operate on four main states in the United State of America which for privacy and security reasons can not disclose. We have for long operated successfully while striving to achieve more.

The business was later brought online to meet the unending needs of clients who happen to be everywhere on the internet. We operate under that name Adriano who happens to be the founder of the business.

We have recorder high levels of success ever since we came together.

Our Products

Most of the products we sell are obtained from very reliable and trusted manufacturers and bulk supplier within the United States and some other parts of the world.

We ensure that the product we buy and sell are well tested and safe for human consumption.

Also, we ensure that our delivery are as promised.

We are not responsible for any potential damage or harm in case of wrong use abuse or possible overdose. We strongly encourage our clients to be responsible and careful.

Our substances, pills, drugs and products generally are in their most authentic states; this is to say they are not; PRESSED, CUT, LACED, OR DILUTED to increase profit margins.


Our Services


  • Supply to countries all over the world.
  • Sell to clients who are in need.
  • Do refills at all time.
  • Are available 24/7.
  • Provide a valid tracking for all our shipments (30-60 mins after confirmation of payment).
  • Accept a wide variety of payment based on your area.
  • Offer a 100% money back policy.
  • Accept returns of package after 2 weeks of delivery.
  • Have a classified discreet and safe shipping system.
  • Ship Via USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and others based on your environment.